Land Stewardship

The responsibility to steward this remarkable piece of land is the foundation of our work here. The youngest among us have grown up walking barefoot on this earth, breathing in the fragrance of bay laurel and Doug fir, and sleeping on the side of this mountain under the world of stars that is hidden to us in our everyday lives in England. It’s a treasured part of our lives, and we protect it with intention and care. Over half of our land has been set aside as a wildlife preserve, and the remaining acreage is planted to vineyards that are tended with carefully calibrated methods that protect waterways and wildlife, minimize chemical use, and preserve the forests of redwood and oak that were here long before we were. We honor the health of the ecosystem here, and believe that our ability to create exceptional wine is entirely dependent on our stewardship of the land that produces it.

Attracted by the pristine forests, native black bears visit our property regularly.
Stands of ancient redwoods dot both our Knights Valley and Seaview properties.
Peter Michael Winery is certified by Fish Friendly Farming for preserving a healthy watershed for endangered salmon and steelhead.

Peter Michael Foundation

We believe in celebrating life. Good wine is a part of that, and so too is good health. We started the Peter Michael Foundation in 1995 to create advances in prostate cancer, not only in the realm of education, medicine and policy, but to also in direct support of the men who are living with this diagnosis.

We see this multi-pronged approach as the best way to alleviate this debilitating disease that affects the lives of millions.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about our work, as well as the many ways you can be a part of it. We extend a particular invitation to patients and families to find out about the resources we offer, and to get in touch.

The Peter Michael Foundation was acknowledged for advancing innovative prostate cancer diagnostics and treatments by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in May 2017. From left: PMF Executive Director Walter Menzel, Department of Radiology Chair Dr. Hedvig Hricak, Emily and Paul Michael.
From left: Sir Peter Michael, Chef Rupert Blease, and Paul Michael at the Foundation’s annual Stars fundraiser in July 2017.
Emily Michael at the Peter Michael Foundation’s annual Stars fundraiser in July 2018 at the Peter Michael Winery.
A view of the Peter Michael Foundation’s annual Stars fundraising dinner.


Sir Peter and Lady Michael’s teenage sons planted some of the first vines of the winery in 1983. The fruit growing on those same mountainsides at this moment will one day be wine aging in our cellars, and on a day beyond that, on the tables of others who we hope will find as much delight in it as we do. Our experience as growers and winemakers has taught us about a particular kind of patience, and we frame our work here with the long view in mind. Our experience as a family – three generations now – has inspired in us a shared vision and commitment to what we call 100 x 100: one hundred percent family tenure for the next one hundred years. We believe this intention informs not only our day-to-day practices in these fields and in our winery, but the caliber of wine that is the result.

“Pete” and “Maggie” Michael in 1989, the year Sir Peter received his knighthood.
I think for the children, it’s in their blood now. They’ve seen the progression, they’ve been part of it and I think the land here is a part of them. They’ve been in the vineyards with us, they’ve walked the land. It’s in them. I don’t think there’s any question of us reaching one hundred years in our family.
- Emily Michael
Paul Michael plants a new vine in the Les Pavots vineyard.