Bring Peter Michael Winery to Your Home

Dear Crickett and Scott,

We understand that it is not always possible to make your way out to wine country to share the Peter Michael experience with your closest friends, family members or colleagues, so we would like to come to you!  As a highly valued friend and private member of Peter Michael Winery, I would like to offer you this unique “In Home Experience”.

The event is one for you to mold into a celebration with family and friends, a passionate wine evening with like-minded wine drinkers and collectors, or simply an excuse to drink through some of the vintage Peter Michael wines you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to enjoy.  Short of bringing grape vines and our fabulous weather to your home, I would do everything possible to create a wine experience equal to or surpassing your visits to the winery itself.

As a representative of the winery, I would be there to interact with your guests, present a selection of Peter Michael wines, and answer questions about our winery, vineyards, the making of the wines.  Essentially, I will be recreating a tour and tasting with your special guests in the comfort of your Dallas dining room.  The “Experience” will add a unique opportunity to enjoy the Peter Michael wines you have collected over the years while learning the history of the family and the winery as well as bringing insight as to what is in the glass.

As the host, you “set the scene” as you like – choose and invite your guests, make arrangements with a favorite Chef to prepare food for the event, and set up any necessary rentals and service staff to create a flawless and memorable evening.

Of course, we are certainly available to work with you to look through your Peter Michael collection and make recommendations in choosing the wines or help with the pairings for the evening.  We suggest a selection of four wines for your event, L’Après-Midi, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Les Pavots or Au Paradis. In addition, a library bottling of Les Pavots may be available upon request for purchase.   We do request that only Peter Michael Winery wines be poured with the exception of a sparkling wine and a dessert wine.  

Keeping the group to a manageable size is key to the intimacy and effectiveness of the educational aspect of the evening.  A total count of 12 to 16 guests seems like an ideal size.

My expenses for travel and accommodations to the In Home Experience are covered by the winery.  The only thing we ask is a commitment to the date and location far enough in advance to minimize the cost of airfare and hotel accommodations.

We look forward to an evening of great food and wine, many laughs and a continuation of our friendship for years to come.

Here’s to you!