International Shipping Policy

Due to the unique customs and carrier options available in each country, Peter Michael Winery requires our international members to manage the logistics and associated fees of their orders. Please read the following information thoroughly. Contact the winery directly if you have any questions at 1-800-354-4459 or 1-707-942-3200 or

The winery welcomes international orders and will work with you to ensure your wine is shipped safely. However, due to the legal and logistical complexities of shipping wine outside the US, the winery requires mailing list members to take an active role in the process. Once you have placed your order directly from the winery, you must contract separately with an appropriate shipping agent to handle both the logistics as well as all required customs documentation. You will need to provide a means of payment to your shipping agent. The winery is unable to do this on your behalf. Before entering into any agreement with a shipping agent, the winery recommends requesting a written quote for all shipping charges as well as any applicable duties, taxes, and associated fees.

Shipping Destinations
The winery can accept international orders for shipment to most countries, excluding Mexico, Brazil, Chile, or any country where beverage alcohol is illegal. Please contact us directly if you are unsure about a particular destination.

Shipping Agents
The winery’s default shipping agent for most international orders is Connoisseur Wines USA Inc. If you specify a ship-to address outside the United States, our system will automatically flag your shipment for delivery by Connoisseur. Based on our partnership with Connoisseur, the winery will not charge you to deliver your wine to them. You are free to specify another shipping agent and provide their address as your ship-to address. In this case, our normal US shipping policies and charges will apply.
Most of our international customers use Connoisseur and are pleased with their services. For information on the details and costs of shipping to your country, please contact Connoisseur directly at phone 516-805-8304 or

International Shipping Fees
Once delivered to Connoisseur or your chosen shipping agent, you are responsible for all additional shipping charges, as well as any applicable additional duties, taxes, or import fees applied by your customs office. Please expect to be billed separately by your shipping agent (Connoisseur or other) or the appropriate government agency for these charges.

Winery Responsibility
Once delivered to Connoisseur or any US address of your choosing, the winery’s responsibility for the safe transit and condition of your wine is concluded. The title passes to you at this time and you and your shipping agent assume all risk and responsibility. You and your shipping agent are responsible for respecting all applicable US laws as well as all laws and regulations of the country into which you are importing the wine.