Since its inception, the Peter Michael Foundation has hosted Stars dinners, catered by acclaimed chefs in esteemed locations and cities nationally, to raise funds for universities and top scientists to research and develop innovative techniques to improve upon the treatment of prostate cancer. It was well over a decade ago when I was asked to join my father-in-law Pete (Sir Peter) in his office for an introduction to the Peter Michael Foundation and prostate cancer. Little did I know, shortly thereafter, I was about to attend Stars New York on behalf of the family.

How fortuitous. I have truly loved the privilege of chairing the Foundation and the opportunity to meet the people and share their passion and dedication.

Bringing people together to raise awareness about prostate cancer has been at the heart of all that the Foundation achieves. International medical colloquiums through to sharing information and referrals; the scientists, the doctors, and patients through to our Foundation team; the chefs, the auctioneers, and so importantly, you, our friends. It has been an extraordinary collaboration of so many people and skills, with so many lives touched.

Here’s to meeting again, to friendship, and to raising a glass again very soon, creating more memories together under the Stars.

Emily Michael, Chairwoman, Peter Michael Foundation

Pictures from past Stars dinners.