Cuvée Indigène Barrel Selection Cuvée Translated from the French: indigenous blend

Cuvée Indigène
Estate Chardonnay

Cuvée Indigène and Point Rouge are barrel selections drawn from our four estate Chardonnay vineyards, delivering an expression of excellence that celebrates the skill of the winemaker and surpasses the notion of terroir. They are the only wines in our portfolio that are not vineyard-specific, harkening back to our early days as winemakers. We only produce these wines in vintages that show the exceptional potential required.

Cuvée Indigène is chosen from the best barrels of Old Wente clone and displays the power, finesse and nuance of this renowned grape. The wine shows intense lemon custard and crème brûlée character. It was named by our first winemaker, Helen Turley, in reference to the traditional practice of fermenting the grapes with the native yeasts occurring naturally on their skin.

Tasting Notes