Chardonnay Ma Belle-Fille Translated from the French: my daughter-in-law Ma Belle-Fille, Sonoma County

Chardonnay Ma Belle-Fille
Ma Belle-Fille, Sonoma County

Made from grapes grown at the very highest elevation of our property, Ma Belle-Fille is just enough above the cooler La Carrière to crest the summer fogs and is usually the first Chardonnay harvested during each vintage. Layers of baked apple and nectarine round out the lean citrus and vivid minerality it shares with La Carrière.

Ma Belle-Fille was named by Sir Peter as a warm tribute to Emily Michael, his daughter-in-law and mother of the third generation of the family. Paul describes the wine as beautiful, generous and complex, which we think is an apt description of our Emily as well.

Tasting Notes