Pinot Noir Ma Danseuse Translated from the French: my dance partner. Seaview, Sonoma Coast

In that still and settled place
There’s nobody but you
You’re where I breathe my oxygen
You’re where I see my view
And when the world feels full of noise
My heart knows what to do
It finds that still and settled place
And dances there with you

That Still And Settled Place
By Edward Monkton

Pinot Noir Ma Danseuse
Seaview, Sonoma Coast

The most feminine of our Pinot Noirs, this wine is made from grapes grown in the coolest, northernmost sections of our Fort Ross-Seaview vineyard, which is oriented towards the marine air moving through the Gualala River canyon.

Ma Danseuse was named for Lady Michael by Sir Peter. As a young man attending judo classes in London, Peter took note of the considerably more charming attendees of the dance school across the lane, and in particular, a certain gold medal winning ballroom dancer to whom he soon extended an invitation out. The future Lady Michael said that she would love to… as long as he himself was a medal-level ballroom dancer. The determined former judo student hit bronze in record time.

“I thought he was a rather pushy individual but I do so love to dance.” – Lady Michael

Tasting Notes