Mon Plaisir Mon Plaisir Vineyard, Sonoma County Translated from the French: my pleasure

Mon Plaisir
Estate Chardonnay

Mon Plaisir is the original Peter Michael bottling, produced in every vintage since 1987. With a silky mouth feel, red lemon custard nose, and subtle brioche accents, this wine is the most lush of our four single vineyard Chardonnays.

Paul Michael remembers sitting on the porch with his parents as a teenager, while the family deliberated over the name for this wine. The resulting decision is an exactly-right reflection of the great pleasure we find in drinking it.

Fruit sourcing over the years:
Gauer Ranch in northern Sonoma County
2007 – 2009
Estate-grown fruit from the Mon Plaisir Vineyard in Knights Valley, blended with grapes from the Gauer Ranch
Estate-grown fruit from the Mon Plaisir Vineyard in Knights Valley

Vineyard & Wine Details
Tasting Notes


  • Knights Valley AVA, Sonoma County


  • 1999

Chardonnay clonal selection

  • Old Wente


  • 1,700–1,800 feet


  • Rocky volcanic-origin Rhyolite


  • Southeast


  • Thick soils, full sun, low yields.

Wines produced from the
Mon Plaisir Vineyard

Mon Plaisir

Estate Chardonnay