“Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as if we are to live on this earth forever.”
Arron Wood

The Pellenc electrical cultivator is an efficient and powerful soil cultivator that allows our teams to be fast, accurate, and safe. The cultivator eliminates nearly 99 percent of direct emissions of greenhouse gases compared to a standard combustion engine.

Since the inception of Peter Michael Winery, respect for the land, wildlife, and natural resources has been one of the greatest priorities of the family and teams at Peter Michael Winery. In 2014, 4 acres (1.6 hectares) of solar panels were installed at the Knights Valley ranch as a clean, renewable energy source, supplying 85 percent of the electricity to the winery estate.

Our teams continue to integrate electric technology as a means of conservation—reducing emissions released with standard farming equipment. In 2021 Pellenc electric cultivators were introduced, and this year, we introduced the all-electric Monarch tractor, which will be trialed for the growing and harvest season at our Oakville Estate.

Solar as a source of energy has proven very effective, so much so that the winery intends on expanding the panel footprint in the future to supply nearly 100 percent of the energy required at the Knights Valley Estate.

“With Monarch Tractor’s launch we leave behind the fossil-fuel era of farming as we migrate toward an era where we can power our farms with the same energy growing our crops.”
Carlo Mondavi

100 percent electric, the Monarch tractor combines electrification, automation, and data analysis to help reduce carbon footprint, improve field safety, and streamline viticultural practices throughout the season.

For our daily excursions with guests up into the high elevations of the vineyards, the Rivian R1S electric SUV not only safely handles the terrain, but is charged with solar energy and is zero emission.

Monarch Tractor, an all-electric, driver-optional smart platform, enables us to migrate away from the fossil-fuel era of farming and usher in a new renewably powered, chemical-free era, where we can power our farms with the same energy growing our vines. Monarch makes us three hundred million years more efficient as a planet and infinitely more profitable as farmers. This makes organic farming cost less than today’s conventional farming, which is the beginning of an overdue revolution that is much needed for both human and our planet’s health.